Artist Biography: Anastasia Fine Art * Anastasia Kitakis Hurlin

Fine Art onlineAs owner of Emerald Gallery in Fairfield, Iowa for eight years, now an on-line venue, Anastasia Kitakis Hurlin has worked with over 300 artists from around the world, primarily during the gallery's Annual International Small Works Show.

Briefly in the 80's, she taught in the California schools. "I continue to be a teacher in everything I do, Hurlin says,"from family life raising five sons to community arts advocacy." Through leadership as the Founder and Director of ArtLife society, a local arts organization, Anastasia's art education audience has been her Fairfield Iowa community. ArtLife Society, whose by-line is 'Art is Life; Life is Art', has been instrumental in numerous changes in Fairfield Iowa's art scene, most notably starting the1st Fridays Art Walk, a successful all-community monthly event, continuing to run strong, now with new leadership, now into its 12th year.

Anastasia Fine Art "In my own work I strive for wholeness. I paint because that is what happens when I step into my studio, and I paint images of women because that is what seems to go onto the paper. It isn't any more complicated than that."

"My life and my art are about joy, gratitude and balance. I adore the mystique of the feminine, and I celebrate the society that values the feminine. And, as I have been known to say, 'When one raises sons ... one paints women!' "

In addition to her passionate pastime of painting women, Anastasia Hurlin is working on a heart-filled, captivating photography project. Anastasia Hurlin continues her passionate focus on light and love with her current 'Inextinguishable' video project. Formerly called 'The Halo Project', more can found in the December 2010 Iowan Magazine, at Buzz.

Additionally, the reputable Art Business News has a good write up on the International Small Works Show; The Des Moines Business Review has featured ArtLife Society's 1st Fridays Art Walk.

With deep appreciation, Hurlin accepted a Mayor's Community Award and a SEVA Community Award.


"When asked what I feel is my finest creative achievement thus far in my life, I still would say it was raising a family. Everything else is bonus."

Phone: 641.919.8155